Interface transmitter CRS485



The module CRS485 is an interface transmitter between the serial data interconnection standards RS232 and RS485. It can be used to make a connection between two devices with different interfaces, as well as for implementation of “MASTER SLAVE” type networks.

The two interfaces are galvanically isolated which provides safe and reliable connection.

The module can operate at transmission rates from 1200b/s to 19200b/s. The transmission rate is set by means of a switch/jumper inside the module.

CRS485 has an internal switching power supply which supplies the necessary voltages for both interfaces.

On the front side there are indicators for power supply on, and data transmitting and receiving via RS485. The switches for terminating the signals from RS485 are also on the front side.

The module is placed in a plastic enclosure which can be connected to a DIN rail S35.

Mоdule CRS485. Details 

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