Interface signal amplifier REP485



The module REP485 is an amplifier of interface signals used by serial data interconnection standard RS485. It is intended to amplify signals when building networks comprising of many devices or long data lines. Usually this is necessary when the number of the devices in one segment of the network is bigger than 32 or the length of the line id more than 1 km.

There is galvanic isolation between the two I/O which provides safe and reliable connection between the different segments of the network.

The module can operate at transmission rates from 1200b/s to 19200b/s. The transmission rate is set by means of a switches/jumpers inside the module.

REP485 has an internal switching power supply which supplies the necessary voltages for both I/O interfaces.

On the front side there are indicators for power supply on, and data transmitting and receiving via RS485.

The module is placed in a plastic enclosure which can be connected to a DIN rail S35.

Mоdule REP485. Details 

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