About us

ISOMATIC COMPLECT was founded in 1992 by a team of experts in the field of automatization systems and control of manufacturing processes.

Our company has two main priorities in its activities.

The first one is design, manufacturing and services of technical and programmable means for automatization.

ISOMATIC COMPLECT offers a wide range of technical and programmable means for setting complete systems for control.

  • Universal and specialized programmable controllers;
  • Multichannel regulators;
  • Communication and network devices;
  • Transmitters and galvanic separators;
  • Power supplies and preripheral devices;
  • AC and DC Solid State Relays.

We also manufacture specialized electronic devices on parameters given by the customer.

The combination of professionalism, experience of many years and use of elements made by leading manufacturers of electronic components like Motorola, Freescale, ST Microelectronics etc. determines the high quality of our products.

Operator stations (OS) developed by ISOMATIC COMPLECT are applications/supplements for Windows with object-orientated graphical human-machine interface implemented in systems for observation, control and managing of continuous and discreet processes in the industry.

The main modules included in OS are:

  • Data concentrators;
  • Customer modules with user interface for mnemonic circuits, trends, alarms and events, balances and reports, on-line configuration and settings;
  • Graphical editor with full equipment of tools and help activities for creating consumer objects and forms.

A communication module is included in the OS that is able to be connected to other networks with different structure and topology. The support of protocols like TCP/IP, Modbus, ARCnet etc. gives the possibility for connecting to the systems and technical devices of other manufacturers like Siemens, ABB, Merlin Gerin etc.

The second main priority in our activities is engineering and consultant services in the field of automatization of manufacturing processes.

WE design, manufacture, deliver and install complex automatization and electrical equipment of machines, technological lines and productions.

WE design and manufacture specialized control systems for batch produced and unique machines on request.

WE recycle and renovate old machines and facilities by implanting contemporary means of automatization.

ISOMATIC COMPLECT conducts guarantee and post-guarantee service of the supplied devices and systems.

WE implement and work with products manufactured by our company as well as made by leading companies in the field of automatization and electronics like Schneider Electric, Siemens, Phoenix Contact, Heidenhain, MaxStream etc.

We have created some of the biggest systems in Bulgaria for:

  • power management;
  • dispatcher systems for control of gas and oil pipelines;
  • management of installations in the metallurgical industry;
  • management of technological lines in plastic processing.

Our clients in Bulgaria are leading companies in main production branches like:

  • Lukoil-Neftochim PLC, Burgas;
  • KCM S.A. Plovdiv;
  • TPP (Thermal Power Plant) "Bobov Dol" PLC;
  • Assenova Krepost JSC, Assenovgrad;
  • TPS, Plovdiv;
  • Pirinplast JSC, Gotze Delchev.

Our products are well accepted in Romania, Macedonia, Serbia, The Ukraine, The Netherlands, United Kingdom and the USA.

ISOMATIC COMPLECT has implemented Quality Management System according EN ISO 9001:2000.

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