Frequency-to-voltage converter module TACHO 2



The module TACHO 2 is used for linear conversion of signals with frequencies from 0 to 1 kHz into signals with voltages from 0 to 10V.

The module consists of 2 (two) independent channels. The input signals have 0 and 24V levels, which allow direct connection to transistor outputs of controllers or other devices without additional components in between.

The module can be used for control of devices needing analog input signals, such as frequency invertors, proportional solenoid valves, etc.

The use of frequency as an input parameter allows covering big distances and provides considerable noise immunity.

The possibility to use ordinary transistor outputs to generate input signals for O`A`N~I'I^ 2 allows implementation of large number of cheap analog channels without using expensive DACs.

The module is placed in a plastic enclosure which can be connected to a DIN rail S35.

Mоdule TACHO 2. Details 

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