AC double solid state relays SSR2X10Y



Solid-state relays SSR2X10Y, YN are electronic power a.c. switches. They are designed to commutate huge electrical loads (up to 2x2.2kW), powered by mains voltage 220V/50Hz.

They are double switches and the input and output circuits are galvanically isolated, thus ensuring electrical safety both of maintenance personnel and of control devices.

The operation of the two channels of types SSR2X10C, CN is independent of one another, i. e. the solid-state relay can be used as two independent switches. In the case of types SSR2X10A, AN turning on one channel disables turning on of the other channel, which makes them suitable for control of single-phase reversible asynchronous motors.

The load switching for types SSR2X10A, C occurs at zero crossing of the mains voltage, i. e. the possibilities for electrical interference in the network and electromagnetic radiation are reduced to minimum. In the case of types SSR2X10AN, CN the zero crossing function is disabled, which makes them suitable for phase control.

SSR can be used together with suitable controllers for precision control of electrical loads.

Low (safe) d.c. voltage control allows direct connection to controllers or other devices without the need of additional relays and contactors.

If the electric load is greater, solid-state relays SSRXX can be used to drive power thyristors and triacs.

There are LEDs on the front side, which indicate that input voltage is applied.

The solid-state relays SSR2X10Y, YN are filled in with epoxy rosin to protect them from athmospheric influence.

AC double solid state relays SSR2X10Y. Details 

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