Universal 2-channel PID controller UR-2



UR-2 is essentially a process controller with built-in additional software and hardware of a programmable logic controller, which makes it a universal tool for measuring and controlling parameters of various technological processes.

The UR-2 can be used both as a simple single or two-channel PID controller and as a small PLC to control discrete and continuous processes.

The ability to easily and quickly create additional user programs, in an accessible programming language, makes it a flexible tool for solving a wide range of engineering tasks.

The built-in two communication channels with standard communication protocols allow the UR-2 to be part of complex hierarchical structures for management and monitoring.

The availability of specialized PC software for configuration and monitoring allows quick and easy setup and commissioning.

The ability to connect a large number of standard temperature sensors makes it applicable as a thermal controller with a wide range of applications.

The built-in software for free configuration and regulation of the process varies according to a given "profile" allows the use of UR-2 in equipment requiring such a way of regulation.

Универсален двуканален ПИД регулатор UR-2. Паспорт 

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