Programmable modular controller MC1



The programmable controller with modular architecture MC1 is a microprocessor device designed for control of aggregate machines, storage mechanisms, technological processes, etc.

MC1 is a programmable device based on a 16-bit microcontroller and is built on a modular-compact principle. MC1 has powerful programming potential, with the ability to create and store custom programs. In addition to the standard functions, the MC1 has a wide range of specialized functions for working with controllers (8 built-in PID controllers), servo controls, stepper motors, and more.

The MC1 has a set of additional peripheral modules, which makes it flexible in solving a variety of applications. The maximum number of input-output signals that can be connected to MC1 is 39 pcs.

MC1 has sufficiently developed network functions, which allows it to work both independently and as part of complex hierarchical management systems. The availability of a universal and relatively easy-to-learn language for creating custom programs makes the MC1 a flexible and powerful tool for long-range applications.

Програмируем контролер MC1. Паспорт