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Programming packages for workstations (WS)

The workstations (WS) developed in Isomatic Complect are applications for © Windows (© Microsoft Corporation) with object orientated graphical man-machine interface (MMI) which are included in systems for observation, control and management of continuous and discreet processes in industry.


They are built-up as client-server applications which are based on DCOM as well as CORBA technologies. The basic modules, included in OS are:

  • data concentrators;
  • ORS servers (DCOM based);
  • CORBA based servers;
  • client operating modules with user's interface for mnemoschemes, trends, alarms and events, balances and reports, on-line configuration and settings;
  • parameter configuration modules, mnemoscheme creating modules, modules for reports and balances, etc.


The configuration module serves for setting up the parameters of the system and the devices connected to it. The graphical editor of the system has a full range of instruments and secondary meanings for establishing user's forms, objects, mnemoschemes. The use of sample objects of different formats (bitmap, avi, etc.) gives high flexibility and clear visualization of the online processes.
The module for registration of alarms and events in real time guarantees strict control of the management of the process.
The history is a module that provides information about parameters of the objects in easy for observing and analyzing form.
The OS includes communication module that provides the opportunity for connections with networks with different structure and topology.
There is an ARCNET protocol for high-speed exchange of data, serial communication and modem connections that is used for communication with the controllers.

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