Encoder signal conversion transducer ENCT2

Encoder signal conversion transducer ENCT2


The signal conversion transducer ENCT2 is intended to use simultaneously with encoders with power supply 5Vdc and output signals A, A, B, B, C and C.

The module is mounted close to the encoder and performs the following functions:

  • Provides 5Vdc power supply to the encoder. This power supply is galvanically separated from the 24Vdc power supply of ENCT2.
  • The signals Step+ and Step- are formed from the signals A, A, B and B, and Cout are formed from C and C. The number of pulses of Step+ and Step- is determined by the shifting of the encoder in positive or negative direction respectively.
  • The input signals are galvanically separated from the signals Step+, Step-, and Cout.

The output signals Step+, Step-, and Cout can be connected directly to the digital inputs of programmable controllers or counters.

On the front side there are LEDs indicating the presence of power supply and pulses on Step+, Step-, and Cout outputs.

Encoder signal conversion transducer ENCT2. Details